Our Philosophy

Welcome to Arjana Beauty, where age-old skincare traditions meld with modern-day beauty aspirations. We aspire to become the beacon of timeless beauty and Moroccan skincare. 

We are not just a brand, but a proud tradition that brings to you the essence of Moroccan skincare and beauty rituals.

At Arjan, we are dedicated to providing simple and sustainable, yet high-performance, beginner-friendly skincare solutions that are 100% natural and free from additives.

​​So settle in as we tell you about ourselves, our products, the brand, and how we approach skincare.

How Arjana is breaking convention?

Simple and straightforward skincare

Big brands make us believe that skin care is complicated. It isn’t!

Our journey begins in the vast argan fields of southwestern Morocco, home to the world’s finest argan oil. This simple yet power-packed ingredient is the hero of our show and forms the basis of all our Moroccan skincare products.

This miracle oil is exclusively produced in Morocco and has been known for its amazing skincare benefits for centuries. But don’t take our work for it; read more here

Chemicals are not bad. Additives are!

This is a total myth! Even our 100% pure virgin Moroccan argan oil consists of various chemicals, which makes it so great for your skin! (see the list of chemicals.)

It’s the other additives that a lot of skincare brands use to make a product feel and look a certain way that are totally undesirable. But we take our commitment to 100% purity very seriously. 

Our Moroccan skincare products contain no extra additives!

Sustainable skincare

At Arjan, we offer you sustainable skincare by actively participating in the protection of Morocco's unique 2.5 million hectares of argan forests, which are recognised by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve with a rich biodiversity.

We prioritize ethical and cruelty-free production methods, working hand in hand with local communities to promote biodiversity and sustainable agriculture, bringing you skincare that truly makes a difference. 

Read more about the Development of Arganiculture Orchards in Degraded Environments (DARED) project here